Sounding Fragilities. An Anthology
Irene Lehmann and Pia Palme, Wolke Verlag 2022

Book published by Irene Lehmann and Pia Palme, editors, presenting contributions of authors who participated in the Fragility of Sounds Lecture Series, together with interviews, discussions, and essays by invited artists and researchers.

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Sylvia Wendrock in the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik 1/2023 Klima | Protest:

Die vorliegende Anthologie legt einen Zugang zur komplexen Situation zeitgenössischen Musiktheaterschaffens, beständig pendelnd zwischen Forschung und Aufführungspraxis.

Sylvia Wendrock, NZfM

The entire review can be found via this link.

The Wire magazine’s Robert Barry quotes from, and mentions, the book right in the beginning of his article about the publisher Wolke. Barry in The Wire (2022), under Unlimited Editions:

“All auditory phenomena interact with thier respective environments in mutliple ways,” writes composer/researcher Pia Palme in the introduction to the Sounding Fragilities anthology co-edited with Irene Lehmann. “Soundings are a fragile as living entites: they constantly communicate with each other and with their surroundings.” The same could be said about the book’s publisher Wolke Verlag….

Robert Barry, The Wire

An extended review and report by Sylvia Wendrock is available in German under

Album Fragility of Sounds, various artists, Ventil Records 2022

From the music that was composed and performed during this research project, a bandcamp album was produced in cooperation with Ventil Records. Buy the album here

The joint panel presentations by Irene Lehmann, Pia Palme and Christina Fischer-Lessiak for the conference Performing, Engaging, Knowing at the Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences are now published.

Lehmann, Irene. (2022)
Listening with My Eyes Wide Open: Researching Music Theater in Artistic Research Environments.”

Fischer-Lessiak, Christina. (2022).
Learning Through Listening: An Autoethnographic Approach.” 

Palme, Pia. (2022).
Composing with a Polluted Planet.”

videostill Palme

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Feministing the ZKM,
or how to establish a musical ecosystem beyond the canon.

Pia Palme presents a lecture performance on music, activism and ecology (with text, video, electronics, and bass recorder) at the 2021 isaSCIENCE Symposium of the mdw Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien, at Reichenau, Austria.

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Harpsichord performance as music theatre.

Pia Palme presenting at KNM’s Salon #2 – Historical Instruments in Contemporary Music. The piece KREIDEBLEICH for harpsichord is shown via video, performed by Sonja Leipold, and contextualised in a lecture.

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The significance of a preposition in music and practice

For the eavesdropping symposium and festival London, Pia Palme updated her recent lecture about music and composition as ecosystems.

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Arbeiten in Wechselwirkung – Die kollaborative Entstehung eines Musiktheaterprojekts

This article by Christina Fischer-Lessiak was published in POSITIONEN #126 Texte zur aktuellen Musik 01/2021.:

The significance of a preposition in my practice [Or: Towards an ecosystem in music]

Lecture #9 of the Fragility of Sounds lecture series, presented by Pia Palme on 18 March 2021.

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Kreidebleich #4 (Palme 2021)

a scenic piece for harpsichord and video, composed by Pia Palme in collaboration with Sonja Leipold (January 2021)

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entfernte freund*innen
oder : mit objekten zu sich an instrumenten für andere im raum durch einander (January 2021)

A performative project:
Pia Palme (Bass recorder, paper, video), Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka (double bass, preparations, strings), and Sonja Leipold (harpsichord, preparations) compose, improvise, interpret, and experiment together; live at the echoraum Vienna and online at the platform echoraeume.

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Interview Pia Palme with Chaya Czernowin

An extensive dialogue unfolded when Pia Palme met with Chaya Czernowin online in May 2020.

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Songs from a distance

a piece for mezzo, electronics, and instrumental ensemble (December 2020) – 60′
for the Composer’s Portrait Pia Palme at the Austrian National Library
with Anna Clare Hauf, Molly McDolan, and the ensemble airborne extended.

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Komponieren im Anthropozän.

Pia Palme wrote this essay on invitation by the festival Wien Modern 33 | Stimmung
Collection of Essays, p. 211-215.
Read the essay here (in German only)

Rauschen. An excursion across the border between the wanted and the unwanted – and then back again.

An Essay developed around the German word Rauschen by Pia Palme (2020)

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Wechselwirkung (2020)
A montage for the Anthropocene

A music theatre piece for singer, dancer, electronics and instrumental ensemble – 60′
world premiere without audience filmed on 13 November 2020 at WUK Projektraum Vienna, produced in cooperation with the festival Wien Modern 2020.

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Interferences of Writing, Researching, and Composing

Themed panel & paper presentation (Peer Reviewed) Pia Palme, Irene Lehmann and Christina Fischer-Lessiak (online event) @ Symposium Performing, Engaging, Knowing hosted by Lucerne School of Music, Sursee Campus, Luzern, Switzerland

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Collaboration with the University of Sydney, the Composing Women Programme

Collaboration with the Composing Women Programme at the University of Sydney directed by Prof. Liza Lim

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Interview Christina Lessiak with Artemi Gioti

Christina Fischer-Lessiak met composer and researcher Artemis Gioti at the Institute for Electronic Music (IEM) of the University of Music and Performing Arts (KUG) in Graz for an interview.

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Isolation Island – Reisebericht von einer Dämmerungslinie

Composed radio performance (Pia Palme 2020) as part of the Series KUNSTRADIO OE1, commissioned and presented by Elisabeth Zimmermann on 02/08/2020 – 23:00

Listen via webradio until August 8/2020 online at

What happens to a musician who lives and works in isolation on a small island in Finland? Or in lockdown in Vienna? Both times, Pia Palme ended up walking outside a lot, talking to herself as she wrote and reflected, performed and composed. What happens to mind and body, to music? It’s all about perception, resting within nature and within oneself, and about looking at how the world changes as one listens more deeply. 

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Performance research in the forest, in times of distancing

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Eins & Doppelt #2

An extended version of Palme’s oboe da caccia-duo for Molly McDolan and Ana Inés Feola has been composed and recorded.

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In February 2020, dancer Paola Bianchi, singer Juliet Fraser, composer Pia Palme, and musicologist Christina Fischer-Lessiak gathered in Vienna to collaborate in artistic research, charting new terrains of music theatre. Experiments were conducted to explore fresh and inventive ways of how a performer’s body and voice can move in space. What happens when a singer begins to move in counterpoint to her vocal part, in a notable contrast to her singing? The elements body/voice/space interact, or interfere, with each other. How can a performer’s body and/or voice move in space? How can space hold the body and/or voice of a performer in motion? How is this performance perceived from the outside? How can choreography and musical concepts interact with space and performance?

Interview with Julia Eckhardt

On the last day of October 2019, Christina Fischer-Lessiak travelled to Brussels to meet and interview musician and curator Julia Eckhardt. They talked about music, feminism, listening, and books.

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Interferences: experimentation with percussion objects

With percussionist Manuel Alcaraz Clemente, Pia Palme launches a series of experiments with percussion objects, to explore aspects of interferences and balancing. Currently, interferences are her favourite topic. Everything is connected, whether we want that or not.

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Musiktheater – eine Begehung. With Pia Palme and Annette Schönmüller.
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Performing Gender as Polyphony

Pia Palme’s article Performing Gender as Polyphony is published in the book
Staging Gender – 
Reflexionen aus Theorie und Praxis der performativen Künste
Irene Lehmann, Katharina Rost, Rainer Simon (Eds.)
Bielefeld: transcript Verlag 2019

In this article, Palme writes about themes she pursued in 2018; these explorations eventually brought her to the current research topics.

In this article, I approach gender from the point of audition, that is, from the position of listening. In music, polyphony is a compositional texture that allows many individual voices to sound together. Listening to a polyphony, one can perceive the individual voices as well as the entire soundscape that is produced by all voices manifesting together.


Christina Fischer-Lessiak über Jennifer Lynn Stoever
The Sonic Color Line:
Race and the cultural politics of listening

Unser Alltagswissen sagt uns, dass wir Geschlecht und race* sehen können. Schalten wir das Radio ein, erleben wir, dass es zudem ein Hörwissen darüber gibt, wie beispielsweise eine schwarze** Frau klingen soll. Dass es sich dabei nicht um natürliche Klangdifferenzen qua Geschlecht und race handelt, sondern umauditive Konstruktionen, die darüber hinaus normativ und machtvoll sind, veranschaulicht Jennifer Lynn Stoever in The Sonic Color Line: Race and the cultural politics of listening (2016). 

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How to get away with/out Gender?

Genderdiversität auf der Bühne im Lichte der Institutionskritik
Buchvorstellung, Vortrag und Diskussion mit Dr. Irene Lehmann

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for spoken text, bass recorder, a membrane paper score & silent video (Palme, Banff 2019). Research conducted with Jane Gowan.

More about the work here >>>


for bass recorder with a spoken text, voice, optional silent video (Pia Palme, Banff 2019).
Research conducted by Pia Palme with Rosie Middleton, UK.

More about the work here >>>

The Drum and the Sampler

A collaborative composition and performance
by Pia Palme, bass drum, voice, plant material, paper, texts
and Eric Gingras, sampler (Banff 2019).

More about the work here >>>

Performing a feminist utopia:
Music theatre as democratic practice

Pia Palme and Christina Fischer-Lessiak present their PEEK Project at the University of Huddersfield during the Study Days Music and Democracy: Beyond Metaphors and Idealisation, Convenors: Igor Contreras Zubillaga and Robert Adligton, 20-21 June 2019.

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Music theatre performance, composition by Pia Palme (2019)


Eins & doppelt

A Duo for two oboe da caccia instruments (2019)

Research conducted by Pia Palme with Molly McDolan and Ana Inés Feola, oboists.

Eins & Doppelt

We say we sound

Workshop and performative group experiment (2019) by Pia Palme
Research conducted with students from the KUG Jazz Department,
voice class of Mag. Annette Giesriegl.

We Say We Sound


oder lieder im morgengrauen
Music theatre by Pia Palme and Paola Bianchi (2019)

DUSK SONGS oder lieder im morgengrauen

ENTSCHEIDE | The Womb Manifesto

Solo performance and text by Pia Palme

The Womb Manifesto

Interview with Thomas Heher

Christina Fischer-Lessiak and Pia Palme talk with Thomas Heher, founder and director of Waves Vienna festival, about the situation of women in music business and the initiative Keychange.