Researchers Irene Lehmann and Christina Lessiak (pursue/have pursued) their research projects within the framework of the Fragilites of Sound-Project. There have been multi-layered interactions and shared research practices and situations, which circle around the main topics of the project, the interrelation of music theatre, modes of perception, and the influence of social categories like gender, feminism, queerness on these topics.

Irene Lehmann’s ist pursuing her research project on Resonating knowledges in the framework of Fragilities of Sound, which has developed from research on the impact of gender and queerness on practices of composing-performing in the areas of music theatre and dance.
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Highlights of the cooperation between Pia Palme, Irene Lehmann, and Christina Lessiak

A research interview with Pia Palme on composing-performing in May 2019 in Vienna

In the framework of her research projecton women* composer-performers at FAU Erlangen-N├╝rnberg Irene Lehmann interviewed Palme on her artist biography, the challenges of being a women composer and the interrelation of this situation with the field of artistic research. Christina Lessiak participated in the talk.

Researching rehearsal situations in November 2019 in Vienna

In November 2019, Palme’s music theatre project Mattetoline premiered in Off-theatre, Vienna and had further presentations in Graz. As part of her investigation, Lehmann explored on how to research a rehearsal situation, in aiming to approximate a production process of a composed-performed music theatre. Christina Lessiak was in different ways a part of the production team. Lehmann and Palme discussed questions of staging.

Joint Panel at the conference Performing Engaging Knowing at Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences

First plans on a joint conference panel by Lehmann, Palme and Lessiak were discussed in November 2019, circling around the key terms resonances and interferences. An application for the conference of the Study group for applied musicology proved successful, and the panel Interferences of Writing, Researching and Composing was presented online in August 2020.

A series of interviews with composers from the Composing Women Program of Sydney University

Lessiak, Palme and Lehmann joined from their different research backgrounds to conduct interviews with participants of the Composing Women Program of Sydney University, and composer Liza Lim, one of the mentors of the program in June and July 2020. The composers Peggy Polias, Bree van Reyk, Giorgia Scott and Josephine Macken had just composed and staged an evening of chamber operas at the Sydney chamber opera, when the pandemic lockdown set in. Biographical challenges and chances of being a women composer, music theatrical aspects and the pandemic situations across the world were discussed among the participants of these talks.

Wechselwirkung – a music theatre piece

Within the production of the music theatre piece Wechselwirkung in November 2020, Palme, Lessiak and Lehmann were active as researchers and producers in their different backgrounds and capacities.

Fragility of Sounds – conference, lecture series, book project

Originally planned for May 2020 and re-scheduled multiple times in regard to pandemic measurements, the conference finally turned into an online lecture series from February to April 2021. Originally planned by Palme and Lessiak, Lehmann joined into the process of the lecture series. Together with Palme, she is now planning and organizing the book project emerging from the series, which will hopefully be published in autumn 2021.