Wien Modern and Fragility of Sounds present
WECHSELWIRKUNG – an experimental music theatre
Currently, a film of the piece is available online!

Link to the film >>>

WECHSELWIRKUNG – the trailer
Music theatre 2020 in coproduction with Wien Modern
The trailer is available here >>>

January 19/2021 – 8:00 PM Online Event @echoraum Vienna
Livestream unter https://echoraeume.klingt.org
entfernte freund*innen
oder: mit objekten zu sich an instrumenten für andere im raum durch einander >>>

An evening of sonic explorations with
Pia Palme bass recorder, video performance & electronics
Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka double bass & electronics
Sonja Leipold harpsichord & preparations & objects

January 21/2021 – 5 PM [CET] Online Event
The Fragility of Sounds Lecture Series | Lecture #1
Germán Toro Pérez: Instability and Contingency. Some thoughts about the performance of live electronic music.
Paola Bianchi: ELP – An artistic research project
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January 28/2021 – 5 PM [CET] Online Event
The Fragility of Sounds Lecture Series | Lecture #2
Georgina Born: Listening after Whitehead: Nonhuman Sound, Fragility, and Care
Juliet Fraser: In the thick of it: further reflections on the mess and the magic of collaborative partnerships
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February 09/2021 – 5 PM [CET] Online Event
The Fragility of Sounds Lecture Series | Lecture #3
Elisabeth Schimana: Sound as Score
Susanne Kogler: Theodor W. Adorno & Hannah Arendt: aesthetics and politics
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Songs from a Distance (Palme 12/2020)
A piece for mezzo, ensemble, and electronics
Watch the performance here >>>


December 9/2020 – Streaming Concert 7:30 PM
Songs from a Distance
Portrait Concert Pia Palme >>>
at the OENB Austrian National Library, Musiksammlung
with Anna C. Hauf, Molly McDolan,
ensemble airborne extended (Caroline Mayrhofer, Tina Zerdin, Elena Gabbrielli, Sonja Leipold)

13.-15./11/2020 WUK Projektraum Vienna
A montage for the Anthropocene

A piece for singer, dancer, electronics and instrumental ensemble
world premiere 60’ 
by Pia Palme, Paola Bianchi, Juliet Fraser, Irene Lehmann, Christina Lessiak − an artistic research collaboration group as part of the PEEK Project »On the fragility of sounds«.

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October 9/2020
Lecture Christina Lessiak
at Lange Nacht der Forschung, Kunstuniversität Graz

September 2020
Gallery 12-14 Contemporary
12-14 Schleifmühlgasse, 1040 Vienna
Pia Palme’s video Forest#1 is part of an installation by Molly McDolan

September 24/2020 at 7 PM
Hasenherz: Performance during the exhibtion (Des)Orientierung
Molly McDolan und Ana Inés Feola perform Eins & Doppelt by Pia Palme.
Discussion with Ruth Anderwald & Leonhard Grond.
Location: in the small park in front of the Gallery 12-14 Contemporary,
12-14 Schleifmühlgasse, 1040 Vienna

August 26 – 29/2020
Themed panel & performance
with Dr. Irene Lehmann, Dr. Pia Palme, & Christina Lessiak
Interferences of Writing, Researching, and Composing
@ Symposium Performing, Engaging, Knowing Online
hosted by Lucerne School of Music
Sursee Campus, Luzern, Switzerland

August 21/2020, 5 PM
Giardino Casa Hasler
Trio performance PLS @UNCOOL
Pia Palme/Thomas Stempkowski/Matthias Loibner
Poschiavo, CH

Wednesdays August 12, 19/2020, 4 PM
Oratorio St. Anna/Poschiavo
Pia Palme | Contrabass Recorder Solo
Mixing J. S. Bach and Improvisations @UNCOOL

August 2020
Pia Palme @UNCOOL Artist Residency
Poschiavo (CH)
“All through August, I will work as Artist in Residence at the Uncool Residency in Poschiavo, in the Swiss mountain district Bernina. In a year like this, I very much enjoy this unique opportunity – and I hope that everybody stays healthy and everything will work out, including travel.”

August 2/2020, 23:00 and online until August 8/2020
Radio composition Pia Palme in the OE1 series KUNSTRADIO
Isolation Island – Reisebericht von einer Dämmerungslinie
presented by Elisabeth Zimmermann
Until August 8 online at Webradio oe1

May 14/2020 – 9:00 to 10:00 AM GMT via Zoom
Workshop Pia Palme
Auralizing the Anthropocene: How to Compose with a Polluted Planet
@Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Monash University

May 7/2020 – 23:05 an online until May 13/2020
OE1 Radio series ZEITTON feature about Fragility of Sounds
Astrid Schwarz talks with Pia Palme about the project, about artistic research and distance, music theatre and the body, performance, gender, and feminisms. With music by Electric Indigo, Elisabeth Schimana, and world premieres by Pia Palme and Séverine Ballon.
Listen under:

May 8/2020
Lecture Christina Lessiak
at Lange Nacht der Forschung, Kunstuniversität Graz

April 29/2020
Portrait concert Pia Palme
@ONB Austrian National Library, Musiksammlung
with Anna C. Hauf, ensemble airborne extended, Molly McDolan

February 10 – 15/2020
Research period Wechselwirkung #1
Juliet Fraser, Paola Bianchi, Pia Palme in Vienna

April 1/2020
Workshop Pia Palme @ University of Sydney, Australia
and research collaboration with the programme Composing Women and Prof. Liza Lim at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

March 26/2020
Workshop Pia Palme @ Monash University, Melbourne
and collaboration with Prof. Cat Hope, Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music

December 14/2019 – 20:00
Theater im Palais, Graz
music-theatre performance MATTETOLINE

December 12 & 13/2019 – 20:00
off-Theater, Vienna
music-theatre performance MATTETOLINE

December 9/2019
Guest Lecture by Dr. Irene Lehmann
How to get away with/out Gender?
Genderdiversität auf der Bühne im Lichte der Institutionskritik

University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz
in cooperation with the Centre for Gender Studies
Dr. Lehmann also presents her new book Staging Gender.
more information here >>>

November 17th/2019 – 15:00
Pia Palme performs MORE RADICALLY #2 (Palme 2019)
solo for spoken text and bass recorder
Paris, Cathédrale Américaine
Concert à l’occasion du 30ème anniversaire de la fin de la guerre froide et de la libération de l’Europe centrale

November 14-16/2019
Christina Lessiak presenting and participating @ GRINM Network Conference 2019
Zurich University of the Arts

November 11-15/2019
Pia Palme presenting and participating @ Orpheus Research Summit
Including a presentation of the research project On the fragility of sounds.
Orpheus Institute, Ghent

Festival Fragility of Sounds >>>
was open until 4 November 2019 and is now closed.
Read the full CfP here >>>

October 31/2019
Royal Holloway Concerts
Trio Atem with Nina Whiteman performs

October 28-30/2019
Christina Lessiak ist participating @ …through practices, an artistic research conference
KASK & CONSERVATORIUM School of Arts, Ghent

October 18/2019
Banff centre of the Arts, Canada, Rolston Hall
@ Participants Concert
Skinpaperfragility (Palme, Banff 2019)
for spoken text, bass recorder, a membrane paper score & silent video
with Pia Palme, bass recorder, voice & Jane Gowan, paper performance

October 4/2019
Banff Centre of the Arts, Canada, Rolston Hall
MORE RADICALLY (Pia Palme, Banff 2019)
for voice, bass recorder, spoken text, and silent video
with Pia Palme, bass recorder, texts and Rosie Middleton, mezzo soprano
@ Participant’s Concert Banff Centre of the Arts

September-October 2019
Pia Palme @ BANFF Centre of the Arts
Musicians in Residency, Canada

September 27/2019
Banff Centre of the Arts, Canada, Rolston Hall
The Drum and the Sampler (Palme & Gingras, Banff 2019)
Performance by Pia Palme (conception, composition, bass drum)
and Eric Gingras (composition, sampler)
@ Participant’s Concert Banff Centre of the Arts

Radio OE1 Zeitton Fokus Komponistinnen im 21. Jahrhundert
Marie-Therese Rudolph reports on the
UNESCO conference Être Compositrice in Paris 2019
and features an excerpt of the
lecture-performance Pia Palme & Elisabeth Harnik.
Also, listen to Ute Wassermann performing in
Patterns to punctuate song, with darkness (Palme 2016).
Link to the entire programme

Performing a Feminist Utopia: Music Theatre as Democratic Practice | Joint lecture by Pia Palme and Christina Lessiak
@ Music and Democracy: Beyond Metaphors and Idealisation at University of Huddersfield

Dusk Songs #2 | music theatre performance with Anna Clare Hauf, ensemble airborne extended, Molly McDolan, Ana Inés Feola. Lecture with Christina Lessiak and Pia Palme
@ Mumuth Graz

We say we sound | a performative experiment with
voice students of the KUG Jazz department
Performers: Johann Seitinger, Laura Zöschg, Ana Čop, Urban Pfeifer, Svitlana Varava.
Workshop: Pia Palme
@ V:NM Festival Graz IEM / KUG http://vnm.mur.at

Mattetoline | multimedia performance Pia Palme solo
@ aNOther Festival, Brick 5, Wien

Pia Palme: Dusk Songs #1 oder lieder im morgengrauen |music theatre performance with Paola Bianchi, Anna Clare Hauf, ensemble airborne extended, Molly McDolan
@ echoraum Wien

Book presentation Dr. Irene Suchy and Dr. Susanne Kogler:
Partituren des Körpers
with solo performances by Pia Palme and Mia Zabelka.
Pia Palme: The Womb Manifesto
version for solo performer and video (2019).
@ Forum Stadtpark Graz

Colloque être compositrice
Wednesday 13/03/2019
Performing the Compositional Practice
lecture performance with Elisabeth Harnik & Pia Palme
@ Paris Unesco

The Womb Manifesto | solo performance Pia Palme
@ WIR HABEN EINE WAHL festival, IMA Institut für Medienarchäologie, St. Pölten