experimentation with percussion instruments.

Collaborating with percussionist Manuel Alcaraz Clemente, I conduct experiments my project MATTETOLINE in 2019. We investigate interferences and interactions between multiple elements and factors that contribute to sound production. We use regular percussion instruments (a bass drum, crotales) and several objects such as tinfoil, metal springs and chains. Also, a sieve from my kitchen. Further, I bring a selection of organic objects that feature irregular shapes and surfaces, such as pieces of wood, plant material, shells, and bones. Various sticks, brushes, and beaters are employed.

In particular, I watch interactions between regular instruments and organic objects. I look for particular kinds of recurring sounds. We work towards repetitive patterns that contain subtle irregularities and variations – concerning rhythm, timbre, dynamics, or density. For me, ambient textures featuring slight irregularities are interesting to compose with and to listen to. We placed organic objects on a horizontally mounted bass drum; a coated drumhead turned out to be useful, as some of these objects have sharp edges. On the drumhead as resonator, one (or more) of these objects is (are) being manipulated, with fingers, hands, sticks, or beaters, including a very soft fur beater. Further, Manuel Alcaraz Clemente suggests to manipulate a set of crotales with tinfoil, metal chain, and a small spring.