Composed radio performance (Pia Palme 2020)
Available online via webradio at


Anna Clare Hauf, mezzo
Molly McDolan & Ana Inés Feola, baroque oboe instruments
ensemble airborne extended:
Sonja Leipold, harpsichord
Caroline Mayrhofer, recorders
Elena Gabbrielli, bass flute
Tina Žerdin, harp

Pia Palme, Kueng bass recorder & spoken voice
Remix & electronic music by Pia Palme
Elmar Peinelt (ORF) mastering & sound design

With texts by Pia Palme written on Örö, Finland, 2018, and in Vienna during lockdown, 2020.

Pia Palme:
“What happens to a musician who is isolated on a small island in Finland? Or in lockdown in Vienna? Both times, I ended up walking outside a lot, talking to myself as I write and reflect, perform and compose. What happens to my mind and body, to my music? It’s all about perception, resting within nature and within myself, and about looking at how the world changes as I listen more deeply. These days, in spring 2020, I live in yet another form of isolation. Surprisingly, past and present experiences began to merge and interfere with each other, in the process of putting this piece together.”

“Through the entire month of November 2018, I lived in an old school building in the woods on the tiny island Örö (2,5 x 4 km). Örö is a Finnish National Park with remarkable natural landscapes and coastlines, and has a long history as a military outpost. The journey from the nearest mainland village Kasnäs takes about 45 minutes with the ferry, which runs only once a week in winter, from Kasnäs to Örö and back. The nearest store is on the mainland in Kasnäs.

There is no place to hide, so I decide to dive right into my current state of fragility. I don’t want to censor my activities and decide to record and perform whatever comes to my mind. Uncovering layer after layer, I work from what I encounter directly, at the moment. 

A number of recent instrumental, vocal and electronic compositions are woven into this piece. All of this music has been composed either on the island Örö, or later, as a result of inspirations gathered during my stay and as part of this research project.”  

A blog about Palme’s residency at Örö, published for Wien Modern 2018, featuring photos, texts, videos and performances is available here: Embedded Remote Security Blog