foto by Giesriegl/Palme

Performed at V:NM Festival Graz on 31/05/2019

A performance for vocalists, using their own texts, was developed in a collaborative process with a group of singers – Laura Zöschg, Johanna Seitinger, Ana Cop, Urban Pfeiler, Svetlana Varava – from the Jazz Department of the KUG Kunstuniversität Graz, in cooperation with Annette Giesriegl from the department. Texts and sounds were gathered during two workshop periods that combined creative writing with improvisation exercises, space awareness explorations, and studies of contemporary vocal techniques.

Performing with one’s own texts turned out to reveal intimate and personal spaces: how to find a professional distance, yet to stay close enough to touch into one’s own emotions? Here, the bridge at IEM Institute was a great space to use, for this kind of experimental performance. The lofty space offered an unusual yet contained situation, the performers could spread out and stayed aligned at the same time. Everyone enjoyed lots of air and open views of the city. The audience could move on their own to change their listening positions.