Flora Könemann
The silent draw: exploration of the void through embodied listening and drawing – an exercise lecture

the silent draw is an exploration of the void.
the void is created thru the relation of and to physicality.
all ground of the void is physicality even though it doesn’t exist as a physical entity

I would like to present my explorations of the ‘silent draw’ of material/space, the inaudible, the void / the ‘missing’ spot, the fragility of a material. The ‚silent draw‘ is the unheard frequency of a material that directly relates to its inner movement which can be translated into the outside world. Assuming that the void exists outside linear capitalist time structures, it can be read as as a cyclic entity that releases linear structures and therefore frees the process and act of listening from demands of production, expectations and outcome. I will draw from my sound-work on a loom (weaving laces), amplified threads/yarn and my synaestetic perceiption of texture / sound / movement. With this presentation, I also want to voice synaesthesia as a method for artistic sound research. My questions of search are: Is the void within the material understood as nonmaterial or is it in the centre of materiality? Is the void within a tone a frequency itself or does it constitute the frequency? How are sound and material perceived in all fibres of the body when it is performed through the quality of the void / the gap / the ‘missing’ part?

Flora Könemann’s (*1981/Germany) focus are electroacoustic sound performances that connect frequencies, voids and the pulse of a material. She is interested in how something can come out of nothing and how nothing can become something and their points of transition […]. She has mainly been working with electroacoustic/experimental sound, performance and installation with focus on deep listening, inner/outer sensing (synaesthetic perception), drawing, intuitive site-specifics and movement. www.there-is-something-wrong-with-the-view.net