scenic composition
for voice, ensemble, lecture-performance, video, electronics

Pia Palme, concept and composition
Christina Fischer-Lessiak, assistance and production

First performed 17th July 2019 @ Mumuth, Graz

all photos by Clemens Nestroy

Anna Clare Hauf, voice
Molly McDolan oboe da caccia and baroque oboe
Ina Inés Feola, oboe da caccia
Peter Venus, sound design

Ensemble airborne extended
Caroline Mayrhofer, recorders |Elena Gabbrielli, bass flute |Tina Žerdin, harp | Sonja Leipold, harpsichord

Before the performance, Pia Palme and Christina Fischer-Lessiak gave a presentation to introduce their research project.

All Photographs: ©KUG/Clemens Nestroy