Veza Fernández is a voice, dance and text artist working on the politics and poetics of the strident voice. In her work she develops polyphonic body-sound-dance-scapes through which she researches the messy polyphonic, which is a choreographic form of gathering, amplifying difference in voluminous unity in the queering through edging expressive conventions. She studied English and Spanish Philology and used to be a high school teacher. In addition to all of that she is an actress, a stand up comedian, a singer, a poet and a party lover. She is currently enrolled in the DAS Choreography Master’s program of The Amsterdam Academy of Theater and Dance (photo by Hannah Fasching).

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Tremor / Abstract
Tremor presents a series of embodied vocal exercises dealing with the relation in the movement between tactile stimuli, excitement and voice production in a quest for exploring the crafting and emancipatory powers of the sentient voice. The sentient voice is strident, uncontrolled, forming and unforming in material voluminosity in relation to the resonating surfaces it encounters, passes through, originates from. It erects between the limits of the physical space, the body space and the acoustic space blurring and confusing the boundaries between them, letting the ear orientate towards the most material parts of sound, which is the noise, the-what-trembles-underneath. 

The realms of the sentient voice, the loud voice, of the unarticulated but emotionally charged voice has been continuously undermined throughout history for being disturbingly Feminine*, animal, primal, bodily, not thought but feeling. And yet, their resonating and connective forces are complex drives for movement and transformation capable of empowering through a different set of ontological markers and non-binary ways of knowing.