July 15/2021, 22.15 – 23.30 (MESZ), online
LIGNA: On how not to forgetTalk by Irene Lehmann

Irene Lehmann presents on the performance group LIGNA at the conference of the International Federation of Theatre Research (IFTR) https://www.iftr.org/conference. In this talk on LIGNA’s performance Schafft zwei, drei, viele Gänge (Hamburg 2019) Irene Lehmann will investigate how local knowledges of a nearly vanished city quarter can be approached with the means of an audiowalk / performance. The Hamburg Gängeviertel (a quater with small alleyways) was a quarter where, in former times, a mixed bunch of people lived – from small merchands to day laborers, from sex-workers to the Swing Youth – and where the first Jewish reformist temple was built. Most of this quarter has been destroyed throughout the last 100 years, so how can the barely visible traces and hidden stories be remembered and connected to the lives of today’s audiences?
(see also: http://www.ligna.org/2019/10/schafft-zwei-drei-viele-gaenge/)

In a three-part series, the Austrian Radio OE1 presents an extended series about the composer Pia Palme and about the artistic research project, featuring interviews with Pia Palme and Christina Lessiak.

July 15/2021, 23:03 – 24:00 (MESZ) and online until July 22
Zeit-Ton Radio OE1
Marie-Therese Rudolph presents:
Composer’s Portrait Pia Palme. Auf vielseitig verschlungenen Wegen.
Listen under https://oe1.orf.at/programm/20210715/645135/Pia-Palme-Auf-vielseitig-verschlungenen-Wegen

July 16/2021, 23:03 – 24:00 (MESZ)
Zeit-Ton Radio OE1 & online
Presented by Astrid Schwarz
On the Fragility of Sounds (1)
Ein Rückblick auf das künstlerische Forschungsprojekt “On the Fragility of Sounds”
With music by Elisabeth Schimana, Séverine Ballon, Elaine Mitchener, Electric Indigo (commissioned by On the Fragility of Sounds) and an excerpt of Wechselwirkung by Pia Palme. With, among others, the ensembles Schallfeld, Phace, and soprano Juliet Fraser. Listen under https://oe1.orf.at/programm/20210716/645189/On-the-Fragility-of-Sounds-Teil-1

July 18/2021, 22:05 – 23:00 (MESZ)
Zeit-Ton Radio OE1 & online
Presented by Astrid Schwarz
On the Fragility of Sounds (2)
Christina Lessiak empfiehlt.
Listen under https://oe1.orf.at/programm/20210718/645270/On-the-Fragility-of-Sounds-Teil-2

Online Performance Presentation by Pia Palme
Pia Palme’s performance Fern Bowl Piece is present from 20th June to 30th September in the hybrid Öres 21 Exhibition at the Örö Island and online. The piece was also part of two performances of DUSK SONGS in 2019.

August 11/2021, 19:20 Reichenau/Rax & online
Lecture Performance Pia Palme
@IsaSCIENCE 2021 Summer Academy of the mdw Vienna
Feministing the ZKM or how to establish a musical ecosystem beyond the canon.
Read the abstract here >>>
Link to isaSCIENCE